This is our latest project. We have a short wall
outside our bedroom that has been crying out for
attention and a reproduction Cheval mirror that
was looking for a place to hang.

I've officially completed my contribution to the
art on this wall. Hubby finished the wall off with
a striped border.

The wall truly represents everyone in residence
here right down to the little ants who come to
visit every once in a while. Paw prints represent
our 6 dogs and 2 cats and the bird tracks belong
to our 4 cockatiels and 2 keets. I've added a
couple of honey bees also.

Thus begins our version of Mirror Mirror On The

Updated 6/18/13
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Mirror Mirror On The Wall
A wall with a purpose
A wall with a purpose
A home for the mirror
Painted with Valspar
Mountain Smoke Signature
Framing the mirror with Valspar
Aspen Grey Signature
Hubby painting scroll work
with Valspar English Tea
Party Signature
Upper scroll work
Mirror in place
Full view of scroll work
Creating a butterfly
Horrible pic of me trying to decide
where I want to go with this.
Detailing the female bluebird
Wild roses and Forsythia added
because we have an abundance
of them in the yard.
Detailing the periwinkles.
Cultivated and wild blueberries keep the
birds close to home, so of course they
have to be added here.
Forget-Me-Nots are
another favorite of mine
Daisies added. They are an
Detailing the male bluebird
One step at a time....
This is me as Wild Rose, flitting around and
stirring things up much like the Wild Roses
we find throughout the property.
Bugle Boy with walking stick reminds
me of my hubby walking through our
woods with a song in his heart.
believe in