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In the 60's you got drafted into the
service, fought in Vietnam, and if you
were one of the lucky ones, you
returned home. The experience
changed you for life and you had
memories you wanted to forget, but
Bill was discharged from the Army in July
1970 and he returned to the states only
to be spat at when he arrived in New
York and called a child killer.  He found a
position as a mechanic/paint & body
man. Memories of events in Vietnam
tormented him daily. He found peace in
the world of art. He is a very creative
man and has enjoyed sculpting, drawing
and painting since childhood. He found
much peace in art and began following
the works of popular airbrush artists.
He's a self-taught artist, as others were
not eager to teach a quick-learning
newcomer with an obvious knack with a
bristle or airbrush. Through the 70's and
the 80's he was commissioned to paint
cars, bikes, trucks and numerous other
surfaces. His vehicles were entered in
many car show contests by their owners
and also by himself. At the peak of his
career he was listed among the top 10 of
the airbrush artists in the country.

These albums are a small compilation of
his works. I hope you enjoy them as
much as I do.
Lacquer Originality Talent  Patience
February 6, 2016
Legend Of The Past

Airbrush Artwork by Bill Hurst
68 Chevelle
Hood Art
Bill painted the van which took 2nd place for Best Paint in a 1977
auto show. The owner is on the left, holding the 2nd place trophy.
The artist holds the 1st place trophy for Best Paint for work he had
done on his own vehicle. He was so confident of his work, when a
client entered his vehicle in a paint competition, Bill offered to
refund their money if they didn't take 1st place against his
competitors. All bets were off if there was more than one of his
vehicles in the show. WTG Bill!