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Silver Laced Wyandotte
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Barred Rock
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Roo Match Results
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Little John
Robin Hood
The winner of the match is:
The Roo who suffers the least loss of feathers during the match.
The Roo who does not walk away from the fight.
Silver Lakenvelder
Silver Lakenvelder
Silver Laced Wyandotte
Maid Merrihen
Silver Laced Wyandotte  
Barred Rock
Partridge Cochin
Splash Marans
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Feel free to use the comment area to predict who will be our Alpha Roo.
It took 7 years, but I finally talked hubby
into raising backyard chickens. They are
a lot of work, but the rewards are
plentiful. Not only do you have fresh
eggs every day, but you have some
wonderful little companions that
brighten your day.

These are the chicks we have in
residence at this time. I'm sure we'll see
more additions in time to come.

At present (Sep. 30, 2014), they are 12
and 14 weeks old. I'm still in the process
of figuring out what breeds they are.
Hopefully I'll be able to identify them
over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, I've identified the ones
I'm sure of at this point in time.
Robin Hood - Male Silver Laced
When we got the chicks we decided to
go with the Robin Hood theme, as that
is hubby's favorite, even over Star Trek.
He's a fairly friendly guy. Likes the girls.
Not that fond of Little John.
Loves his mom and dad though.
Little John - Male Barred Rock
Alias Dot - We thought he was a she.
Has been very bossy since it's arrival.
(That's why hubby was sure it was
female.)  Now that he's learned to crow
and being that he is twice the size of
Robin, the name Little John is fitting. He
kind of rules the roost.
Ava and Zaza - Non Bearded White
Sisters to the end. They keep close
watch on each other. Very blonde. Very
friendly and always prancing with heads
held high. Dad's favorites.
Chip and Dale - Barnevelder
As chicks they looked like chipmunks,
therefore the names. Friendly girls, and
quite inquisitive.
Dit and Dash - Barred Rock
When these arrived their heads were
marked with what looked like a dot, dit
and a dash. Hence their names. Now we
find that Dot is a male renamed Little
John. Dit is lighter in color than Dash.
Both are lovey hens once they get to
know you.
Salt and Pepper - Silver Lakenvelder
It's quite obvious how they got their
names. The two spice up the yard. No
pun intended. They are always flitting
around and love the swings and
Harriet - Partridge Cochin
This girl has been my favorite since the
beginning. Daddy calls her Snowboots.
She's got beautiful coloring and she
knows it. She's our Backyard Diva and
demands our respect. We let her think
she's got it.
Ravin - Black Sumatra
Named after Daddy's WoW character
Ravinhawk. Spelled with an i not an e
because the name was already taken.
She is one of the friendliest birds in the
flock. Loves to perch on your shoulders
and head.
Lucy - Sicilian Buttercup
Named after our favorite redheaded
comedian. Lucy is a little love. Very
inquisitive. Always the first to greet you
and jump on your shoulder.
Henrietta - Ameraucana
She was one of the runts of the brood
and actually did better living with the
older chicks when she arrived. She and
Molly are similar in nature. Her coloring is
a bit darker. Very friendly girl. Loves to
Molly - Ameraucana
This girl has been the first to do
everything since she arrived. She was
the first to jump out of the brooder box
and the first to try out the swings. The
higher the spot the happier she is, and if
it swings, that's a plus.
Pearl - Splash Marans
Another of my favorites. I love her
coloring. She flits around the yard and
keeps active. Not as friendly as some of
the other girls, but she does come
Samantha- Silver Laced Wyandotte
When she first arrived we thought she
might be a male, so we named her Sam.
Turns out he's a she, so Samantha she
is. She is always by Maid Merrihen's side.
They both stick close to Robin Hood.
Maid Merrihen- Silver Laced
She was always by Robin's side when
they arrived, preening him and fussing
over him. She had to be Merrihen.
You can tell she's the queen of the
coop. She's usually accompanied with
Robin and Samantha.
Message to my chicken
knowledgeable readers....

If you care to identify any of my girls,
please drop a note in the guestbook.
I'd be greatly appreciative!

Please feel free to pass the page on to
other chicken lovers!
After I completed the personals
on the chicks I went outside to
check on them. I had to chuckle.
They were all in the pen doing
"their thing" just as I described
here. Molly was even swinging on
her favorite swing!

Boy do I love these critters!
Until next time... Stay well and enjoy the day!
This video is duplicated here
because I love to hear the crowing
and my hubby's laughter when I
open the pages.
Here's a sneak peek of the coop. A complete photo tour is in the making.
(Mouse over pictures for before shots.)
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Before - South Wall
Before - North Side
Before - East Side
© Country Roads by Joanie ~ Backyard Chickens  2014