Christmas 2009
Christmas 2005
My first Christmas alone after
my husband passed. I decided
to redo my kitchen and installed
red carpeting. Reupholstered
the chairs in gingham and
made appliqued gingham
drapes. I tied it all up with red
ribbon and bows on the closet
Christmas 2002
Small living quarters
necessitated a smaller tree
and less ornaments. I chose to
decorate with handmade
ornaments family and friends
have given me over the years.  
Christmas Past
Christmas 2003 - My feathered friend.
Christmas 2003
Now in a larger apartment, I
was able to bring a few more
decorations out of storage.
Christmas 1956
I often thought my Dad was sorry he
mailed the letter to Santa requesting
these skates. There was no skating
pond or rink close to home, so Dad had
to build one in our back yard so I could
practice my figure 8's. Despite his hard
work and my practicing, I was no
contender for Carol Heiss.
Christmas 2011 - 4 Treemen
One fall day I pictured these
guys as I walked up the
driveway. A few Santa hats and
a recycled plastic tablecloth
gave them something to wear.  
Blue round ornaments and a
red cone shaped one brought
them to life.
Christmas 2011 - Santas
We took a breather and didn't
do any inside renovations, so
we gathered all of our
combined "can't live withouts"
and decorated to our hearts'
Christmas 2011 - More Santas
There twasn't an empty spot in
the house. Everything was
Christmas 2003 - My
Feathered Friend
This is the home of my pied
cockatiel PJ. I raised her from
an egg. She was 13 years old
when this was taken. A little
sweetheart. She was only to
spend another 3 years with
me unfortunately. I miss your
talk and your kisses little girl!
Christmas 2009
New hubby, new home, some
old and some new decorations.
This picture was taken after we
had completed the initial
renovations on our
computer/living room. There
used to be a closet where the
white runner is, and a solid wall
behind that. A rear exit door
was where the tree is. Two
small windows were replaced
with an 8' patio door.
Welcome Home Deer
We acquired these through
members of our local Freecycle
group. One man's trash is
another man's treasure! We
suited them up with new lights
and planted a small tree in a
clearing along our driveway and
now we have a delightful
greeting area.
Christmas 2011 - In the Studio
Our living space is small, and
the thought of celebrating with 2
more adults, 2 lively children
and 4 lively dogs lead me to
think that the Studio would be
the perfect place to open our
gifts. It was! We've started a
new Christmas tradition!
Christmas 2011 - 2 Treemen
A closer view.
Decorated Blue Spruce
Hubby planted this tree in 2001. We've decorated it every
year since 2006 together. Unfortunately it suffered some
damage during our storms this year and we are
replacing it. We've picked out a new tree and it should
be in place by the weekend. It's smaller, but it will grow
on us, I'm sure. ♥
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I thought I'd share some Christmas Past with you. I know I have pictures
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