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This page is dedicated to my hubby, Bill. Without him, there would be no Sure Would Run. He's done an
incredible job of converting our watershed into a coop. I'll be forever grateful and so will the chicks!
Watershed Conversion
Roo Match Results
(as witnessed by the humans)
Matches tend to be spontaneous.
Will post updates as available
Little John
Robin Hood
The winner of the match is:
The Roo who suffers the least loss of feathers during the match.
The Roo who does not walk away from the fight.
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This video is duplicated here because I
love to hear the crowing and my
hubby's laughter when I open the
Sure Would Run
Picture Tour
Hens 'N Roos on Parade
Little John and Robin Hood had
another face-off this week.
Robin put up a good fight.
Unfortunately he was
out-weighted by Little John.
I've put Little John on a strict diet
and exercise program.
Little John has been an aggressive eater since a chick. He was always first at the
feed tray. It's no wonder he's twice the size of the girls. He even out-weighs Robin.
We switched from crumbles to pellets this week. Food consumption has doubled.
It looks like we will be buying 50# of feed a week from here on in. We're also
supplementing with veggies. These gals had better start laying soon. They are
eating better than we are!