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June 9, 2014
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We've been dealing with the age old problem... What to do with the kitty litter box? We found
lots of neat ideas on the net using recycled TV cabinets, kitchen cabinets, suit cases, etc.
There was one problem, we had lots of wood, and no cabinets to recycle. Once the idea was
put into our heads, there was no waiting. Snow was still coming down here in Cole(d)brook and
work outside was impossible so hubby heated up the wood stove in the garage and started
designing his own Kitty Station.
This is the girls favorite look-out, so hubby designed the cabinet to be level
with the window sill. The 42" height also makes it impossible for our 3 large
dogs to get to the cat food. The top was notched out so that the food bowls
would fit in snugly and not topple out. Yes, I bought 2 extra in the event one
gets broken. I'll probably be the one to break it at the sink while cleaning it.
Accidents to happen.
Country Roads by Joanie
Some before shots. I never think of taking pictures
until the projects are 1/2 done. This was hubby's
own design. I love it and it works! ♥
All-In-One Kitty

The top is hinged and lifts up to
facilitate cleaning the bedding.
There is also a catch latch in place
so it can be locked in the down
whimsy to our practical side.
What's a cat house without a
mouse hole?
Here's the ever offensive litter
box. Out of sight and almost out
of mind. We switched over to a
odor at all.
Notice how hubby made room for the food bin and canned food storage. It's